Malawians resident in China safe from deadly Coronavirus: Ambassador

Written by  MBC Online

Malawians living in Wuhan, the epicenter of Coronavirus in China are safe from the deadly disease following safety arrangements made for foreign nationals, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang has said.

Liu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi

Liu told journalists on Thursday in Lilongwe that there are a total of 63 Malawians in Wuhan, and 56 of them are students.


“ A special team has been set up to address their needs. There are over 40 hotlines operating 24 hours where they can get through for support or information and so far what most of the students are seeking is psychiatric counseling.


“If the students want to buy something they give a list to a special team which buys for them or they buy online. To date there’s no single Malawian in China reported to have been infected by the virus,” assured Liu.


The outbreak of Coronavirus has left created panic across the globe owing to increased cross border travels that makes all people vulnerable.


Liu said  that the university campus in Wuhan has been sealed off and lessons are being conducted online to avoid disturbance in the academic calendar.


“Hubei Foreign Affairs office yesterday started visiting the students in their dormitories in Wuhan providing the much needed counseling,” said Liu.


The Ministry of Health reacted to the outbreak of the virus by introducing screening of all travelers at entry points of the country such as airports.


The Ministry’s spokesperson Joshua Malango said scanning is done automatically by specially installed equipment and does not require anyone to stop for the process.

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