Mutharika urges Malawians: ‘We can win war against Coronavirus if we unite or we perish’

Written by  MBC Online


Malawians President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Saturday gave hope to Malawians that despite the country registering four confirmed COVID-19 cases, “together we can win the war against Coronavirus.”

Mutharika: We can win the war against Coronavirus if we unite. Mutharika: We can win the war against Coronavirus if we unite.

Announcing a raft of more measures aimed at containing the deadly virus that has killed thousands of people across the globe, Mutharika said: “I would like us to unite and stand steadfast in these trying times.”


The First Citizen said: “An attack on one of us is an attack on us all. This is an attack we must all fight. Either we unite and fight, or we perish!”


The President said Malawi was not alone in these tragic times. “The whole world is under attack from this deadly virus. Many countries are struggling, many people are suffering and many are dying across the world.”


On 20th March, Mutharika declared Malawi a State of Disaster on the basis of Coronavirus attack. He launched a K15 billion response plan, which on Saturday increased the budget by K2 billion more.


On prevention, the Malawi leader thanked every Malawian who has been complying with the preventive measures which Government has put in place. “Prevention is wiser than cure. Precaution is always wisdom.”


“We are encouraging every Malawian to observe strict rules of hygiene, including frequent washing of hands with soap and wearing masks;


“We are intensifying screening of people in all entry points and surveillance of all travellers from countries that have confirmed Coronavirus cases,” he said.


Apart from intensifying civic education and information sharing with communities, the President said his administration was increasing the number of testing centres in various parts of the country over and above the three laboratories that Malawi has.


He said these “measures are not enough. We need to do more on all fronts. Coronavirus is a public health problem. It is also an economic threat and a social problem. I know that everyone is worried but I also know that we can survive this problem if we unite and fight.”


 Three people tested positive for the disease in Lilongwe, while the fourth one is a Blantyre resident.

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