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As the month of Ramadhan approaches, the Muslim community is geared to looking forward to a fruitful fasting, but Holy as the month is, many people face challenges in accessing enough food to take them through the month mainly because one stays away from taking food whole day and the need for good food in the evening during breaking of the fast can not be overemphasized.

One of the beneficieries One of the beneficieries

This is why a charity organization called Abode of Peace Foundation with funding from Muslimehelfen of Germany made a donation to One thousand people drawn from the districts of Mangochi, Salima and Dedza.

The package included cooking oil, sugar, salt corn flour, rice, soya pieces and beans.

One of the beneficiaries during the donation, Efie Amadi said the donation was timely.

“The Ulongwe Mangochi area did not receive good rains this year so the coming of this donation means we have a starter pack not only for Ramadhan but the whole house” said Amadi.

She therefore extended her goodwill message to Abode of Peace Foundation and Muslimehelfen.

Group Village headman Kamwana under Traditional Authority Mponda expressed satisfaction saying the people of his area have something to take home.

“Such interventions by our fellow Muslims must be encouraged, as Muslims we need to lift each other when one is down” said village headman Kamwana.

Member of Abode of Peace Foundation in Malawi Patrick Nicks hailed Muslimehelfen for their assistance so they could reach out to so much people.

“It is our wish to reach out to as many people as we can but Allah has made it possible for us to reach out to the families that are receiving this donation today,” said Nicks.

His Zimbabwean counterpart, Project Coordinator for Abode of Peace Foundation for Malawi and Zimbabwe Iliyaasa Yasin said the organisation felt duty bound to assist the needy in such a time when their faith is getting rejuvenated in this Holy month.

“Our target is to reach out to less privileged Muslims and as you have seen today, many that received what we are calling Iftar are saying it has beefed up to their staple food which some do not have at all, so God willing and resources available we will try as much as possible to assist those in need,” said Iliasa.

Ramadhan is Muslim Holy month in which Muslim faithful across the grobe observe 30 days of fasting upon sighting of the moon. During the month, Muslims are encouraged to show piety to the poor, renewal of their faith by being humble and their total submission to the will of Allah.

Abode of Peace Foundation is a charity organisation with focus to help the marginalized. Its main offices are based in Zimbabwe but it has a branch in Malawi

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