APM raps at Opposition for 'deliberately creating poverty' via violent demos

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President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika said while the opposition in this country was capitalising on the poverty of the people to manipulate them into behaviour of violence, his main mission is to empower poor people to become self-dependent.

Opposition endorsed protests Opposition endorsed protests

He was speaking at the launch of a US$ 95 million Agricultural Commercialization Project (AGCOM) at Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe on Friday.

“Opposition leaders are deliberately creating poverty and suffering for Malawians so that the people become easy to manipulate. They want to destroy innocent people’s businesses and destroy the economy so that Malawians must be suffering.

“This is inhuman. This is evil. It is inhuman and evil to take advantage of poor Malawians, to engineer violence and create more suffering for the people as we saw yesterday."


HRDC, supported by UTM and MCP, marched through Lilongwe to deliver a petition to Police authorities over the alleged rape of women by Police at Nsundwe last Octoer.

Police said Friday they have arrested 17 people  who were among hundreds of marchers to demonstrate against the alleged rape of 17 women and girls by police in Nsundwe in October.

Mutharika was apparently reacting to violence unleashed at the HRDC organized demonstration on Thursday.

A number of police officers were injured by the stone-throwing marchers who also looted and vandalised shops and vehicles.

According to police publicist James Kadadzera, five shops and five vehicles were vandalized and that about 17 young people were arrested.


“Let me make this very clear in Chichewa,” added a visibly not-so-amused Mutharika:“AMalawi, musalole kunamizidwa ndi anthu andale amene akufuna kuti tiziononga chitukuko.  Akufuna kuti chuma chadziko lino chisokonekere kuti inu muzivutika.


"Anthu amenewa akupita mmidzi kunamiza anthu kuti mulandu wachisankho awina kale. Akunama! Akufuna inu mudzayambe zoononga dzino mulandu ukawavuta.  Ino ndinthawi yolima. Ino sinthawi ya mademo. Tiyeni tigwire ntchito molimbika kuti tisinthe moyo wathu.”


He said Malawians must work and make use of the opportunities his Government was creating to change their lives.

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