'Winning is in our DNA, winning is our culture': DPP's SG declares

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Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says while it will not relent on its calls for an electoral justice, it is geared to win the forth coming fresh polls, saying there was nothing it knows best that winning national elections.

The March in Zomba The March in Zomba

Since its formation in 2005, the ruling DPP has never lost an election.

Speaking during the second leg of ‘March for Restoration of Democratic Justice’ in Zomba on Wednesday, DPP Secretary General Grezeldar Jeffrey said the party’s protest against the recent nullification of the presidential elections does not mean that the party was not ready for the fresh polls.


“We are actually ready and we are winning again. Winning is in our DNA. Winning is our culture,” said Jeffrey amidst cheers from thousands of DPP supporters.


Just like the Blantyre march, the DPP in Zomba also demanded that the five panel of judges that were hearing the controversial presidential elections case be investigated for nullifying the results of May  21 tripartite elections.

Chaired by Justice Healey Potani, the judges; Dingiswayo Madise, Ivy Kamanga, Mike Tembo and Redson Kapindu, said Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) incompetently run the poll.

According to the petition delivered to Zomba District Commissioner Raphael Piringu, Jeffrey said the party is asking for “authorities to safeguard and restore the democratic justice which is under threat.”

In the petition, DPP seeks legal redress on 10 concerns including high level of  hypocrisy  by the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) by nullifying the results, no evidence by ConCourt on use of tippex and tampering of tally sheets affecting the results.

No evidence by ConCourt on unauthorized persons found with ballot paper, lies by United Transformation Party (UTM) on arrest of persons and monitors and failure to transport ballot papers with security personnel as well as allegation of forged signatures on results sheets, according to the petition.

“The DPP is worried about allegations that some judges of the ConCourt received bribes and were involved in corrupt dealings in order to bend the judgment in favour of the petitioners. We demand a probe on the alleged family relations between some judges and the petitioners.

“As DPP, we can verifiably identify family links between Saulos Chilima and Justice Dingiswayo Madise. We therefore demand for the panel of judges to be investigated to remove any perception that judges are either sympathizers of opposition politics or worked and succumbed to pressure from violent demonstrators,” reads the petition.

Speaking after receiving the petition from DPP, Piringu said: “I have received the petition and I will deliver it to relevant authorities,”

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