Written by  McDonald Chiwayula
President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has gone into 21 days of prayer and fasting seeking divine intervention from God to end the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.
Chakwera: "Let's join hands to end the pandemic" Chakwera: "Let's join hands to end the pandemic"
Dr Chakwera  says as  Malawians  join hands in combating further spread of COVID-19 pandemic,  seeking God's grace to end  the pandemic is also paramount.
The Malawi leader was speaking Sunday from Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe in a special address to the nation.
He argued the apparent complacency in adhering to COVID-19  prevention measures particularly during the festive season has eroded the gains already made on the global health  pandemic.
The President says this  is costing many lives and putting extreme pressure on the health system.
"During the festive season many of us relaxed our vigilance against the virus and now we are paying the price. We are paying the price because many of us are back to our old ways of not wearing masks, many of us are back to our old ways of not  maintaining a distance from others, many of us are back to our old ways of not washing our hands regularly. 
"We simply cannot afford this virus advance further, we need to stop it in its tracks before it conducts yet another crusade of deaths in our midst," says the President.
Dr Chakwera says in 24 hours space from Christmas to Boxing Day,  66 new infections were recorded. He said it is shocking that on average the country is registering 120 new COVID-19 cases.
Against this background the Malawi leader calls on all citizens to be diligent and fight the pandemic by simply abiding to set guidelines on COVID-19 prevention.
The President  has also tasked  security agencies to enforce the gazetted legislation on COVID-19 measures to keep in check further spread of the virus.
"We need to keep fighting because this virus has intensified it's war against humanity. This virus is no respecter of persons. It does not care how much money you have, how much young or old you are or how much power you have. All of us are at risk. Because we are at risk let us obey the guidelines for preventing further spread of the virus," says Dr Chakwera.
The Malawi leader has further urged everyone to take full responsibility in protecting oneself and  others. He has advised  that suspected cases of COVID-19 should  isolate immediately and  contact health officials if having difficulties in breathing and other related signs and symptoms. 

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