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Report more on disasters says Mzuni Lecturer

Written by  Linda Kamputa

Journalists have been challenged to do more in Urban Risk reporting following an increasing number of casualties as a result of disaster occurrence.


Senior Lecturer and Co-Investigator on Urban Ark Research Project, Land Management Department at Mzuzu University Mtafu Manda said this when he addressed journalists from the Northern Region during a workshop organized by the department for journalists.


Mtafu Manda said journalists should focus on reporting on disaster experiences and provide updates on donor support.


“We invited journalists to brief them on the research that we are conducting in Karonga which is on Urban Risks and Knowledge,” said Manda.


The senior lecturer added that they wanted to share with them this important knowledge so that they can ably report to the nation what is going on out there and also for them to understand the specific concepts that lead to vulnerability because of the places people locate.


Manda further called on journalists to make follow ups on disaster related issues which he said assist in building transparency in the management of disaster related resources.


“Sometimes we hear that so many resources were allocated for a specific disaster issue but what happens to those resources remains a mystery,” concluded Manda

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