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Member of Parliament for Nkhata-Bay South Ken Zikhale Ng'oma says people of his area  need quality health services and potable water if development has to flourish in this part of the country.
Ken Zikhale Ng'oma (C) in a file photo Ken Zikhale Ng'oma (C) in a file photo
Ng'oma  was speaking in the constituency on Saturday when he handed over materials for construction  projects  that he is funding using personal resources.
"Good health services lays a good foundation for a progressing community. Water is life and it is imperative for people of this area to have these ameneties," said Ng'oma.
The legislator  donated bags of cement, at Kande Health Centre where there is acute shortage of latrines that has made patients and surrounding community resort to using nearby bushes that has  led to infestation of  waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea  in the area. 
Compelled by this healthy hazard the Parliamentarian has  decided to build 8 toilets to support the community and the health center. 
He has since donated 10 bags of cement and other essential materials for construction.
Following this gesture Senior Chief Fukamapiri has  commended  Ng'oma for the donation. 
The Chief said: "The health center didn't have adequate toilets and this problem has been unresolved for quite a long time and we are glad now that our Member of Parliament, Zikhale Ng'oma has come to our rescue.  I and  people in this community  are so grateful and commend the good work  our legislator is doing in this area." 
He also said there is scarcity of potable water in the area.
"We are happy with this current leadership of State President Dr Lazarus Chakwera it's inspiring people to adopt servant leadership." He said. 
Some of the donated materials
Apart from donating the construction materials, Ng'oma commissioned a borehole drilling  project  at Tukombo.  A total of eight boreholes will be drilled  in the  area since it is congested with fishermen and fish buyers from various districts.
Traditional Authority  Zilakoma  admitted that the need  for good sanitation is indeed high as it impacts  on the environment and water quality.
"When it rains, unmanaged waste  goes into our wells this compromises the quality of water so boreholes are timely in this area. Let me also highlight that our Parliamentarian
 has also built an under-five clinic at Mughogho where  he has supplied Iron sheets, cement bags , roofing nails, wire nails, paint and  timber," said Zilakoma.
Mughogho is a  hilly area  which is impassable by car. The farm households  there depend on farming but are disconnected from the  major market due to  poor  road infrastructure.

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