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PAC disowns Kamlepo's statements

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Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has distanced itself from the outburst made by its deputy chairperson Kamlepo Kalua.


PAC has been meeting since Monday, to among other issues, discuss the 2014-15 National Audit Report, MK577billion Cashcate Report, City Assemblies’ Draft Audit Report and an inquiry into the alleged off-shore wealth of late Bingu wa Mutharika.

However against its rules, Kamlepo Kalua has been claiming that PAC members were bribed by ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) officials not to discuss the Bingu’s off-shore bank accounts.

But in reaction, PAC Chairperson Alekeni Odala Menyani warned Malawians against mistaking Kamlepo for an official spokesperson of the committee.

“As per Parliamentary standing orders, it is only chairpersons of committees that are official spokespersons. And these chairpersons speak with full mandate of the committee. So everytime Honourbale Kamlepo Kalua speaks, he does so either as a bonafide citizen of the Republic or an elected Member of Parliament of Rumphi East,” said Menyani.

On Kamlepo Kalua’s allegations that Menyani and some members of his team have been bribed, Menyani strongly challenged him to back the claims with evidence.

“Let him back his allegations with evidence. He should also mention the names of those that have been bribed for the sake of the Anti-Corruption Bureau,” he said.

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