Written by  Austin Fukula

First Lady Madam Monica Chakwera on Monday expressed dismay over the tendency by some people who are torturing and killing elderly people in the country over witchcraft allegations.

The First Lady cheering up the elderly woman The First Lady cheering up the elderly woman

Madam Chakwera who has also accepted to be matron for Malawi Network of Older Persons’ Organizations (MANEPO) said this when she visited and cheered up a 78-year-old woman, Lignet Chapule, at Chiradzulu Hospital who was tortured by her relatives over witchcraft allegations.


“It is a wrong act and disheartening to learn that at least 26 elderly people in Chiradzulu were physically tortured as a result of being suspected of practising witchcraft in the just-ended year. There is a need to have laws that will protect older persons like Lignet Chapule of Traditional Authority Mchema in Chiradzulu who is suffering as a result of the vice,” said Madam Chakwera.


Executive Director for MANEPO, Andrew Kavala, hailed the First Lady for becoming a matron for the organisation saying the move shows there is a political will to protect the older persons in the country.


“We are pushing for laws that will protect the elderly people from being abused, tortured or killed over witchcraft allegations among others,” Kavala said.


In an interview, Magret Musolo, daughter of Lignet Chapule, said her siblings accused her mother who is also physically challenged of bewitching people in their clan. Musolo said apart from torturing her, the angry relatives also burnt the house she was living in.

Recently, Special Law Commission, constituted by Malawi Law Commission finalised its review of the Witchcraft Act and has come up with proposed amendments that will decrease cases of mob justice if adopted by Parliament.




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