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Sant Egidio in a drive to promote child rights

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A project that aims at registering babies at birth, the Birth Registration for Versus Oblivion-BRAVO, has been launched in Malawi by The community of Sant Egidio with its pilot phase in Balaka District.


Speaking after the launch, President of the Community of Sant Egidio, Marco Impagliazo, said the project is expected to promote social justice rights.


“Through BRAVO Sant’ Egidio is working towards recognition of children as registration helps them to exist and to be identified” he said.


Commenting on the issue of registration, Chief Director responsible for registration in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Francis Chisinga, commended the organization saying it is complementing government’s efforts since the Ministry of Home Affairs is also running a similar campaign.


“Currently government is conducting registration of the countries youth from 16 years down to babies so what Sant Egidio is doing will help in making the project a success “ he said.


Impagaliazo also visited the DREAM Project in Blantyre City which is the pioneer in dispensing ARVs in Malawi since it was inaugurated 10 years ago. He also commissioned a house for street kids in the same city.

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