Govt urges traditional leaders to enhance unity amongst their subjects

Written by  Rose Mahorya - MANA

Special Presidential Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs, Nick Masebo has urged traditional leaders in the country to promote strong uniting values amongst their subjects to protect them from being easily manipulated by leaders of some political parties.


Masebo was speaking on Sunday at Ekwendeni in Mzimba North East Constituency during a public rally which was addressed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) party officials.


He said as 2019 tripartite elections approach, different political figures from different parties would be using political propaganda mechanisms to manipulate communities.


“It will be very difficult for such leaders to sell their political propaganda if communities have strong uniting values.


“If you yourselves are divided, it will be easy for such politicians to take advantage of you, but you must remember that politicians come and go while you remain as a community forever,” said Masebo.


“Stand on your ground and defend the acceptable morals and values that your communities represent,” he advised.


Masebo then assured the gathering that government was doing its best to fight corruption in the country.


He also called on the people to continue rallying behind the DPP-led government and advised them against being brainwashed and cheated by selfish politicians who use handouts to woo support for their political parties.


“As a community, know what you want and be vigilant in standing against whoever is not willing to meet your community’s needs,” he said.


Traditional Authority (TA) Yohane Jere concurred with Masebo stating that a community is strong when it is united and it is difficult for a divided community to develop.


He then challenged devious politicians who wish to lure his subjects, saying communities in the area cannot be manipulated.


Also present at the rally was Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango and DPP parliamentary aspirant, Edgar Tembo who donated a minibus and 10 motorcycles to the constituency.

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