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Police trains crime prevention committees in Balaka

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Crime prevention communities around Balaka are undergoing a four day training by the Police and Vale Company on ways they can implore to prevent crime and conduct themselves in line of duty to best serve the people within their localities.


Opening the training, Station Officer for Balaka Police Station, Senior Superintendent Nicholas Gondwa said it is the duty of the Malawi Police to offer expertise and assistant to communities that aid them in the fight against crime and property security.

Gondwa said people in Balaka who live along Vale Railway Line and Nakala Corridor which falls under its jurisdiction have the responsibility of keeping themselves safe and also the property that belongs to these two companies.

“We have targeted communities that live along the railway line and the Nakala corridor as our starting point. Soon we will extend these trainings to all the crime prevention committees that we have in Balaka district,” said Gondwa.

One of the facilitators Superintendent Andrew Bokosi from Malawi Police headquarters said the crime prevention committees were introduced to narrow in the gap that existed between the police and the communities.

“As part of the reforms that we run in the Malawi Police Service, one of the things we noticed is the gap that hinders the communities in working hand in hand with the police hence the introduction of these committees to enable police and the community work together and strengthen the security,” said Bokosi.

The trainings are a voluntary job that the Malawi Police Service through the Balaka station are doing and will run from 23rd to 26th July 2018 with all the crime preventions along the railway line being trained.


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