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TNM contributes K1 million towards Umthetho

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TNM Plc says it is committed to preserving the country’s cultural heritage by among other things supporting major tribal events.

Bakuwa (R) presenting cheque to the association Bakuwa (R) presenting cheque to the association

TNM Regional Distribution Manager (North) Yamikani Bakuwa made the remarks today when the company presented a donation of K1 million to Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA) as the company’s contribution towards the 2018 Umthetho, a Ngoni annual festival.

“TNM as a truly Malawian company is very proud to be associated with the country’s rich heritage. As a people, we are known by our culture and therefore we cherish celebrating with Malawi’s diverse cultures, Umtheto being one of them. The saying that; ‘a people without culture are like a tree without roots’, is true to us as a Malawian network. Umthetho helps to define who the Ngonis are,” said Bakuwa.

He said culture is a catalyst for socio-economic development of any country as it promotes tourism and unity, among others.

“Umthetho is an important event that seeks to promote and preserve Ngoni culture. As such we felt it necessary to come in and assist this year’s ceremony. People travel far and wide just to appreciate other people’s culture, which in a way promotes tourism and brings in the much-needed foreign exchange,” he said.

Mzimba Heritage Association Chairperson Boston Soko commended TNM Plc for the donation towards the celebration.

TNM has supported Umthetho before, supporting the festival since 2009 and has previously supported cultural ceremonies including Umhlangano wa Maseko, another Ngoni cultural event.

Umthetho which in the Ngoni culture stands for tradition, custom, law and governance brings together all the Ngonis led by Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V.

This year’s Umthetho will be held on August 11, at Hora heritage centre in Mzimba under the theme: Our Culture for development and economic Empowerment.

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