MPs blame council’s secretariat in Chitipa over CDF slow management

Written by  Madalitso Phiri, MEC Stringer

Members of Parliament in Chitipa district have finger pointed the secretariat department for the council over its leisureliness in distribution of Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to the CDF finance committee saying it is affecting service delivery in their constituencies.


This was disclosed on Tuesday, 11th September, 2018 during the election of the council’s new Chairperson for 2018 – 2019 year held at the council’s chamber hall.

Speaking when he was given the floor, MP for Chitipa Central who is also Deputy Minister for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Well fair, Clement Fukumele Mkumbwa went off the agenda of the meeting by asking the secretariat to explain on what makes the department not to distribute CDF in time as it affects proper operational for MPs.

“It is alleged that some funds were returned to government during 2017-2018 financial year, despite that we submitted our proposals in time and government did its obligation in time as well, we need to know as to what caused all these inconveniences. In my case, about MK1.6 million from the initial MK18 Million was returned to government. The department must jack up and change the way it is working,” added Mkumbwa.

Whilst in line with the same view with Mkumbwa, Member for Parliament for Chitipa Wenya, Godfrey Munkhondya said about MK10 million was returned to government in the just ended 2017-2018 financial year from the initial MK18 million that was allocated to CDF for his area.

Munkhondya further asked the council’s secretariat to start doing things in time so that funds must fully be utilised to avoid returning them to government as per procedure funds that reaches the closing day of financial year are supposed to be returned to government.

Another Member of Parliament for Chitipa North Dr James Munthali his few words expressed his disappointment said this is why some rural areas in the district are denied good health services delivery and hygienic water supply since the problem has affected a lot in Health and Water development projects such as construction of boreholes and servicing of Ambulances .

However, answering to the grievances presented by the MPs, representative for the Council’s Director of Finance from the Secretariat Department, Shadreck Kiskyombe admitted some of the challenges but said his office sometimes receives funds from government later than due dates.

“It is true, but let me indicate it clear that sometime we receive these funds a week before the closure of the financial year so if time comes to close that particular year, we don’t have choice but to return them to government,” said Kiskyombe.

Meanwhile the District Commissioner, Michael Chimbalanga asked the Secretariat Department to put its house in order so that such inconveniences must not happen again in the future and that funds must be allocated to its destination and do the intended purpose for the betterment of the district.

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