Enumerators to get their allowances soon-NSO

Written by  Joel Chiheni Phiri

The National Statistical Office (NSO) says they are committed to pay all enumerators their allowances but has asked them to be patient as the organisation is currently processing them.

Some of the enumerators at a training Some of the enumerators at a training

NSO’s Public Relations Officer Kingsley Manda said in an interview, the delays to process the payments of the allowances were to do with the non return of tablets that some of the enumerators used during the 23 days Population and Housing Census (PHC).

"But now we have collected almost all the tablets. The problem is we cannot process payments without them giving us back census equipment. But luckily they have understood even some are bringing them to our headquarters after holding them for weeks,” said Manda.

One of the enumerators who asked for anonymity said they are tired with waiting for their allowances nearly two weeks after the completion of the census.

"We worked with the assumption that after finishing our part of the contract, which is the enumeration of the households, we will be paid but it is now taking ages for them to process the fees. We wonder what is happening,” she said.

Other enumerators have also complained of the same problems of the delays by NSO to pay them. However, Manda said the enumerators will be paid their allowances.

"We are currently processing their allowances and they should be assured that they will be paid. What was delaying us in paying them was the same issue of delays on some of them to return our working equipment," he said.

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