Honor 2 Life Foundation changing lives in Mzimba

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

A local Non-Governmental Organization, Honor 2 Life Foundation has stepped up government’s efforts to transform communities with basic amenities.

Communities being trained on manure making Communities being trained on manure making

The organization is currently refurbishing a police unit, a clinic and constructing a youth vocational center including promoting girl child education at Enyezini area in Mzimba.

The Foundation is also empowering communities through modern agriculture techniques to enhance food securing in the area.

The organization’s Executive Director, Satiel Banda said the initiatives are aimed at totally transforming the area by engaging communities in a number of developmental areas.

"There were a number of challenges in the area, people followed archaic agricultural systems, the area was lagging behind in terms of education things that negatively impacts on development," said Banda.

It started with the livestock pass on program in 2016, a program aimed at improving the economic and dietary status of over 46 households in the area. To date, 187 farmers are into regume production while a group of lead farmers is equipped with skills in modern farming technologies.

"With climate change, our farmers were among the worst hit, they could hardly find fertilizers for their fields, the land was degraded among other negative effects; we are relieved now through conservational agriculture and manure making," said Anna Nyirenda Agriculture Extension Worker - Enyezini

And to empower the future generation in the community, the organization is supporting vulnerable learners with educational materials and 43 learners are on full sponsorship in various secondary and tertiary schools.

"Most of us were at the verge of dropping out of school because our guardians could not afford educational needs. We relied on piece work to solicit money for fees, stationery and other essentials; this was tedious and sometimes could not manage the required amount," explained some of the students.

Meanwhile, the organization is constructing a multi-million kwacha vocational center in the area to help youths attain relevant vocational skills and become self-reliant, a replica of government’s community technical college concept.

The organization has a 20 million budget for the project which will cater for construction and equipment costs.

The organization in collaboration with communities is setting up police unit structures and it is in the processes of revamping the health post to beef up security and good health in the area.

Area Development Committee for Emsizini EPA, Wiseman Soko attests that it is constructing a house for a health worker at Enyezini, extending the under-five clinic; renovations on the police unit are also at an advanced stage.

"Initially government officials for instance police officers and health worker did not have accommodation," observed the ADC Chairperson.

Additionally 400 households from the village benefit from the zero interest micro loan program.

The longtime dream is to create Enyezini a community made rural growth center.


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