Blantyre’s Chief Kapeni endorses APM

Written by  Loness Gwazanga, Mana

Senior Chief Kapeni of Blantyre has endorsed President Prof.  Peter Mutharika as the best candidate in the forthcoming General Elections slated for May 21, 2019.

Chief Kapeni: APM is the Best Candidate Chief Kapeni: APM is the Best Candidate

He made the endorsement on Sunday during a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rally at Nyambadwe ground addressed by the DPP’s Vice President for the Southern Region, Kondwani Nankhumwa under the theme: Judgment Day.

“There is no President in this country that has developed the country to this level other than President Mutharika. He has made sure that every location has good and passable roads and this is what we call development,” Kapeni said.

He pointed out that, “An example of this is the Kameza- Magalasi Road which is being upgraded to a four lane road. I, therefore, urge you all not to vote for a political party but rather vote for development if our country is to prosper.”

Nankhumwa urged people from Ndirande to continue supporting the DPP-led government so that their area continues to develop.

He added that since the area has contributed a lot to DPPs success in terms of votes, government would make sure residents of the township were living a comfortable life with necessary social amenities.

“Government is aware that you don't have access to potable water, high rate of unemployment amongst the youth and most women don't have access to business loans with low interest rates,” Nankhumwa who is also Minister of Local Government told the gathering.

He emphasized that, “Government intends to construct a technical college to enable the youth shape their different talents,” he said. “We also want to construct a new and modern upstairs market for women to do their businesses after obtaining loans from the Malawi Enterprise Development Fund and plans to construct a recreation centre are also in the pipeline to ensure that peoples' livelihoods are improved.”

The DPP Vice President for the South assured that government will soon construct a new hospitals well as a new bus terminal in Ndirande and works would start soon hence, appealed to them to make sure that they give DPP all political seats including the presidency in next tripartite elections.

Member of Parliament for Ndirande Malabada, Aaron Sangala described Nankhumwa’s visit to the area as timely, noting that the party’s morale was currently at its peak in the area.

He presented a DPP labelled handmade shoes by a Ndirande based youth as a token of appreciation for the visit.

Some of the notable faces that graced the rally included; Minister of Information, Nicholas Dausi, DPP National Director of Women who is Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Cecilia Chazama, DDP Regional Governor for the South, Charles Mchacha and First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Esther Mcheka Chilenje, among others.

During the rally, the DPP welcomed defected members from New Republican Party to the ruling party.

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