Stephanos Foundation reaches out to flood victims

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

When calamities strike and an avalanche of problems arise, communities in disaster prone areas are left more vulnerable than before.

Clifford Kuyokwa second left with some beneficiaries in Chikwawa Clifford Kuyokwa second left with some beneficiaries in Chikwawa

The 2015 floods and the just ended torrential rains that claimed many lives in the country are just clear examples why in such a time prompt responses coupled with strategic decisions need to be implemented to mitigate the impact of the disaster and post disaster issues.


The Lower Shire districts of Chikwawa and Nsanje had their huge share of the calamity hence the drive by Stephanos Foundation, a Christian charity organisation,  to support the affected households that were hit hard by the floods with post disaster packages.


The organisation’s executive director, Clifford Kuyokwa said: “Again we have come to the rescue of people who experienced the catastrophe in this area. To be precise as an organisation we are working in Nkhoko Village, Traditional Authority Ngabu and Maseya here in Chikwawa. Our short term measures include distribution of maize and other food stuffs. But in the long term, we are distributing sweet potato vines and cassava cuttings so that they can replant and boost their food reserves."




Thea Mawaya with some beneficiaries who received  Bibles


One of the activities done during the occasion was presentation of Bibles to the beneficiaries. Kuyokwa said much as the organisation is looking at the physical needs of the people that were affected by the floods it also felt necessary to inspire them spiritually.


“We know when people face such calamities visibly their physical well being is affected. Secondly, as Christians we believe life’s challenges have a demoralizing effect on the spirituality of a person. So the donation of the Bibles is just to encourage them to deepen their faith. We are also trying to send a message home that their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are with them in prayer,” added Kuyokwa.



Vulnerable communities need physical and spiritual support


A total of 500 households were reached in the exercise and each got a bag of maize, cassava cuttings, sweet potato vines and a Bible. In previous engagements the organisation also donated maize, plastic sheets for roofing, blankets, plastic pails, cement and other essentials as a way of giving hope to the hopeless.

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