MUTHARIKA says he will fire non-performing ministers

Written by  MBC Online

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika’s cabinet was  sworn in Thursday  at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe with a call for ministers to work towards achieving results by doing things unusual in order to bring the much needed change.

President Mutharika addressing the cabinet President Mutharika addressing the cabinet

The president said he expects his cabinet to be of high performance hence the need for them to produce monthly reports on their activities.


“I expect you to provide a two-page monthly report on activities you have carried out within five days from the end of each month,” said Mutharika.


He warned anybody who doesn’t perform to the expected standards that he would be left with no option but to fire that cabinet member.


Mutharika appealed to the cabinet members to serve the wellbeing of the country by serving the people they represent and not enriching themselves through abuse of public resources.


“I need you to go out to the people, identify problems and offer solutions. You must keep listening to the needs of the people and desist from just embarking on numerous foreign trips but rather work for the benefit of the whole nation,” he said.


He said every minister will be able to travel abroad three times in a year. Mutharika himself seldomly travels abroad.


His cabinet is composed of 24 ministers and deputies.

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