MUTHARIKA preaches love and oneness: Election is over, let's move on

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Re-elected President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Friday preached love and oneness and appealed to Malawians to move on after the May 21 tripartite poll.

APM: We are one APM: We are one

"I thank God,I have never lost an election in my life. But am sure that losing an election must be so painful especially to those who had unrealistic expectations. My appeal to every one in Malawi is that the campaign is over, election is over- let’s move on," Mutharika said at a luncheon he and the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika hosted at Kamuzu Palace on Friday after opening the 48th session of Parliament.


"My appeal to all Malawians, including those who are not in this room, who refused to come to this room after we invited them- always remember there is God above us all. And under God, we are one nation, one Malawi. Let us love one another. Our sharing of this meal today is a symbol of our shared love," the President said.


“In the heat of politics and in pursue of our daily lives, we sometimes forget that we are on family, one nation,” he added.

President Mutharika said he and the First Lady organised the luncheon as a reminder to Malawians that “In our African culture, sharing a meal is a sign of sharing goodwill for one another. Sharing a meal is a symbol of sharing life. Life is the most precious thing that we all share.”

The Malawi leader then appealed to all Malawians that they should never forget that they are one family.

Said Mutharika: “After our different professions, the political pursuits, we drive home on the same roads. We drive home to be neibhours. And sometimes we go to the same churches and mosques – because we share the same God. Some of us come from the same villages and communities. This gathering is a communion of common bonding we share as one people. There is more that unite us than our differences as a people.

Coincidently, the luncheon fall on the 5th anniversary of the First Couple's 5th  wedding anniversary: “The first lady and I welcome you all to this luncheon and by coincidence, today, is our wedding anniversary. Its purely by coincidence, it was never planned that way.”



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