CSOs geared to promote 50-50 Campaign in Phalombe.

Written by  Takondwa Velemu - MEC Stringer

As the 50-50 campaign is bearing fruits in different districts across the country, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) which have been assigned to champion the initiative in Phalombe District have joined hands in promoting women who are aspiring to contest in the 2019 tripartite elections.


The CSO's includes National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust, Community Development Office and Social Welfare.


District Civic Education Officer for NICE Trust in Phalombe, James Chimpeni, said that the CSOs through Center for Alternatives for Victimised Women And Children (CAVWOC) are geared to promote women in politics so that they should be encouraged, motivated and win for a sit in the forth coming elections.


"There are several strategies that we are to follow, firstly we have been conducting sensitisation meetings in the communities so that those aspirants should be known to the people," said Chimpeni.


The network learned that as women are being promoted to be elected into various positions, there is need in building their capacities, for them to improve their confidence in public speaking skills.


"These female aspirants should be able to follow up the development plan which the district has so that at the end they should have issues in mind that are presented to the community for them to win the votes that's why we are conducting different meetings with them," he said.


Chimpeni is concerned that Phalombe is at a lower percentage in female representation in several development structures even in elected positions. He added that a very good example is that out of the 10 wards in the past tripartite elections where only one female councillor emerged winner.


"Our aim is to increase the percentage of female representatives so that more women contest for positions in the 2019 elections," he added.


So far out of 10 wards in Phalombe the CSOs have been to 5 wards inviting all the female aspirants so that they should be enlightened on their roles and be given skills to do community mobilization.

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