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Former RBM governor Chuka appointed PIL board chair

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Petroleum Importers Limited (PIL) has appointed former Reserve Bank Governor Charles Chuka as its new board chairman taking over from former Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) President Henry Chowawa.


Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, the outgoing Chairman Chowawa said PIL remains focused on making sure that fuel is available in Malawi at all times.

“We make sure that PIL operates an efficient, cost effective and safe business that ensures fuel availability in the country. We source our products and deliver at competitive costs to make sure that the country benefits from such a lean operation that has operated effectively since 2000,” said Chowawa.

Chowawa said apart from importing fuel for Malawi, PIL has also embarked on social responsibility projects focusing on health and education.

“We have been making interventions in health and education sectors across the country, and a special mention is the construction of K120 Million multipurpose hall at LUANAR in Lilongwe and we’ll continue to invest in these social sectors,“ said Chowawa.

Incoming board chair, Chuka who is also former CEO of fixed line operator MTL said he looks forward to sustaining the work ethic that previous boards and leaders of PIL have upheld ensuring uninterrupted supply of fuel in Malawi.

“PIL has served the country well since its inception in 2000. Government will always be applauded for its decision to turn over the functions of the then PCC (Petroleum Control Commission) to the private sector in order to achieve efficiency, cost effectiveness and smooth operations of the fuel importation processes in Malawi and in collaboration with global suppliers and producers,” said Chuka.

He said PIL should not be seen as a cartel in the usual negative sense but a solution to managing a strategic commodity in a manner that benefits all Malawians.

“It is to this end that PIL always endeavors to abide by the regulatory framework and to cooperate with key stakeholders in the industry,” he said.

PIL is a private company tasked with the fuel importation in the country and has been importing bulk fuel for country since 1999.

The company is wholly owned by oil marketing companies namely Puma Malawi Ltd, Total Malawi Ltd, Petroda Malawi Ltd and Engen Malawi

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