‘APM a household name in Mangochi’- Msaka

Written by  MBC Online

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for Eastern Region, Bright Msaka has said Peter Mutharika is a household name in Mangochi due to the range of infrastructural developments in the district.

Kingstone (R) welcomes Msaka l upon arrival at the venue Kingstone (R) welcomes Msaka l upon arrival at the venue

He said this on Saturday when he addressed a political rally at St. Augustine 3 Primary School at Mangochi Boma where he also introduced DPP’s shadow MPs and shadow Councillors.

Msaka predicted that DPP would sweep all the parliamentary and local government seats in the district because people have confidence in President Mutharika given how the district has developed.

“The name Peter Mutharika is a household name in Mangochi; it is a commodity that requires no advertising because everyone is aware that the name, Peter Mutharika means development,” he pointed out.

Msaka cited water projects, community technical college, stadium, Mlambe centre and, most importantly, the Liwonde-Mangochi Road, which he said would be opened “very soon”, as some of the developments Mutharika has implemented.

The DPP Eastern Region Vice President added that Mutharika is geared to develop Mangochi further by constructing state-of-the-art international airport, five star hotel, Mangochi Makanjira Road and Mangochi Chilipa Road.

He urged all candidates who lost during primary elections to rally behind those who won to strengthen the party.

Msaka further described DPP as a system that has strength in all corners of the country adding that the other parties have no agenda of their own.

“We are a system: there’s Goodall Gondwe up North, Uladi Mussa-Chenji Golo-in the Centre, Kondwani Nankhumwa in the South and myself in the East,” he said.

Msaka continued: “With this system, we have made the other parties develop a sickness called dizziness because they are trying to follow us wherever we go: they do not have their own agenda.”

Other speakers at the rally included Senior Chief Mponda who hailed DPP-led government for developing Mangochi and also for coming to the rescue of people in the wake of drought and recent disaster.

DPP Shadow MP for Mangochi Central, Victoria Kingstone, assured Msaka that the party in Mangochi remains strong as evidenced by thousands of people who always come out to greet the President every time he passes by.

Kingstone, who is the only female candidate against six male candidates in Mangochi Constituency, described Msaka’s coming to Mangochi Boma as an inspiration to the party supporters and an assurance of DPP’s victory on May 21.

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