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Cashgate: Manondo brothers face each other in court

Written by  Mana

The two Manondo brothers; Pika and Dauka faced each other in court on Tuesday before a jam packed Lilongwe high court as the Paul Mphwiyo shooting case continues.

Pika Manondo Pika Manondo

Pika cross examined his brother on his (Pika) involvement in the Mphwiyo shooting case after Dauka had told the court earlier in the morning that his brother had once gone to South Africa with Phwiyo on an arms deal days before Mphwiyo was shot.

“Mr Manondo, you just told this court that I went to South Africa with Mphwiyo on an arms deal, is that true?” quizzed Pika adding “You also said that I talked to Mphwiyo, what was the issue?”

Responded Dauka: “Yes, you talked to him on my phone after I had talked to him about the issue of a house which he wanted to buy at a cost of within the range of K150 to K200 million. He asked to talk to you and I gave you my phone, but I didn’t know what you talked about.”

Dauka said he knew about his brother’s trip to South Africa because he told him and said he usually called him to tell him some of his undertakings.
But the brother said he knew nothing about his brother running away to Zambia, soon after Mphwiyo was shot.

Asked why he did not bother to find out the whereabouts of his brother and why he thought he was not told this time around, having told him before about a trip to South Africa, Dauka said telling him something was at the discretion of his brother.


“He would tell me or not, that was his choice,” said Dauka.

Dauka, who said he was very close friend with Mphwiyo said he only heard about Mphwiyo`s shooting on the morning of the day of the incident through a phone call from his brother but went on a business journey to Nkhatabay.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale however quizzed Dauka on why he continued to drive to Mzuzu and Nkhatabay after hearing bad news for a best friend.
In response Dauka said the nature of his business trip necessitated him to proceed and only attend to his friend on return.

Mphwiyo was shot outside the gate of his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on September 13 an incident which is believed to have exposed cashgate—the plunder of public funds at Capital Hill.

Presiding Judge Michael Mtambo has since adjourned the case for January 12.

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