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Wealth Creation needs mindset change, Mwala

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Sycamore Consult says most business entities and individuals in the country have the potential of creating more wealth and personal finance if there’s a paradigm shift on strategies and mindset.

Audrey Mwala, board director , Sycamore Consult Audrey Mwala, board director , Sycamore Consult

Audrey Mwala one of  the organisation's board directors  made the remarks in Blantyre ahead of the Wealth Creation and Personal Finance Conference scheduled for Tuesday in Blantyre.


Mwala notes that poverty and stunted business growth should not be accepted as a norm rather there’s need to return to the drawing board and change the status quo through specialized mindset change trainings / conferences that pool experts in the field of finance and entrepreneurship to inspire those that are not making headway in business and personal financial growth.


“I see that a lot of us are busy everyday for years. The busier we are the more we remain the same. No improvement in our wealth and yet we have been working and getting busy for years. I get worried about this status quo which has been accepted as norm. Yet there are some people in the same environment that have figured out the formula for creating wealth and they have done it under the same circumstances that an average person complains about for years.


“I thought to break this we need to get those who have succeeded to share their secrets to financial breakthroughs with those who are still struggling and wondering why things don't work out for them, “ said Mwala.


The conference coming up on Tuesday seeks to shake up and inspire slumbering business giants to tap knowledge from a pool of gifted entrepreneurs and motivational speakers.

Mwala said the conference has been shaped in such a way that gurus from all avenues of investment options on the market will be in attendance thereby ensuring that at the end of the day participants are well equipped with the right knowledge to make a difference in society.


She said: “I want to see people leaving the conference with a new mindset, a wealth creation mindset for the individual, their company and for the nation. A big picture is to see a person convinced that it is possible to create wealth and ready to embark on necessary but painful journey to prosperity."


Some of the business magnets in the country like Thom Mpinganjira of FDH Financial Holdings Limited, Stain John Singo of Smile Life Insurance, Mike Mlombwa of Country Wide Car Hire and the man at the helm of Malawi Stock Exchange, John Robson Kamanga, will be in attendance.


Sycamore Consult is s consulting firm registered in Malawi in 2017, with an objective to provide expert business and project solutions to Government, Private Sector & Non- Governmental Organizations.

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