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MBS reopens Chibuku LL brewery

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The news that the Malawi Bureau of Standards has lifted the ban on production and distribution of Chibuku opaque beer from the Lilongwe brewery has ignited joy in Malawi beer halls or shebeens.

MBS boss-Chokazinga MBS boss-Chokazinga

Chibuku, an opaque beer based on a traditional African recipe using maize is popular among the growing lower-income consumer base.

Production and distribution of Chibuku by Lilongwe plant under Chibuku Production Limited (CPL) was closed by MBS last week for failure by the company to comply with hygiene standards.


MBS Director General Davlin Chokazinga told the local press that following verification audits its inspectors conducted last week the suspension has been lifted.


“I can confirm that CPL Lilongwe plant is back in business,” said Chokazinga whose MBS sealed CPL’s Lilongwe plant over failure to comply with expected hygiene standards.


He said all the concerns that led to the closure CPL Lilongwe plant have been resolved at the moment.

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