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Traders failure to positively respond to Kwacha appreciation worries consumers

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The Consumers Association of Malawi-CAMA says it is concerned with the behaviour of some business owners for failing to respond positively to the appreciation of the Kwacha. 

John Kapito John Kapito

Executive Director for the   Association John Kapito said the price of commodities on the market were supposed to go down because the Malawi Kwacha is appreciating.

Kapito said CAMA has noted that there has never been any push downwards on commodity prices although the Kwacha has been appreciating.

He said some of the things do not even require imports, some were local and consumers expected such services and goods definitely to start coming down in terms of price as the Kwacha is appreciating.

"What also is of concern to consumers is that while we appreciate that some of the products were imported using the higher exchange rate if indeed it was the opposite we would have seen that these guys would have been now adjusting the prices, and it is the speed at which these traders or business people react when the Kwacha is appreciating and when the Kwacha is also depreciating what we find is that they enjoy more when the Kwacha is appreciating in order to get the maximum benefits from the market and that deprives the consumer," said Kapito.  

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