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Khalika appeals for established artists support

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The road in the music industry is not easy for upcoming artists; it is difficult for them to make a name at the expense of well established music artists.

We need support for us to grow in the industry - Khalika We need support for us to grow in the industry - Khalika


This is the same experience facing young talented Bangwe based artist Khomzy Khalika real name Chief Kondwani Khalika. He told MBC Online that to make a name now is not easy as there is minimal support from already established artists in the country.


Khalika said talent in many upcoming artists in the country goes unnoticed as there is no one to help them grow to achieve their dreams.


“I started my music career in 2008, but I became serious with it in 2017. I am a pure Malawian artist; I don’t copy foreign stuff in my music. As upcoming artists, we lack a hand from the established artists, they look down on us,” said Khalika.


The Bulangete hit-maker said his music is much based on love and culture. He said he wants to achieve his dream in music. So far the artist is about to drop an album comprising 10 songs.


“We need to work together with established artists, we need to serve the nation together,” appealed the Afro artist adding that there is need to commercialize the music industry in the country to benefit the young artists.


Commenting on the young artists in the country, one of the well established gospel artists Princess Chitsulo said the only challenge in the music industry is that many new artists lack maturity.


Petulo hit-maker said majority of upcoming artists do not engage veteran artists for guidance.


“When you tell them the truth about their music especially when their music is not good, they will hate you. Some of them copy songs from outside the country which is piracy,” said Chitsulo appealing to upcoming artists to be humble for them to realize their dream in music.


Chitsulo however said Malawi music industry needs togetherness between the new and veteran artists for the industry to thrive.

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