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Ndirande Anglican Voices takes Namondwe Tonthola to Likoma

Written by  MANA

Likoma will be the first to feel Ndirande Anglican Voices’ sixth album, Namondwe Tonthola as the Blantyre based award winning choir plans to storm the Island on June 29, 2018 with album launch.

The Ndirande Anglican Voices The Ndirande Anglican Voices

The Group’s Director of Music, Dennis Kalimbe said that launching the 10 track album on the island would be the greatest gift to the people living there.

“Our fans on the island have been asking us for a performance for so long and we thought this can be the moment. We have rehearsed a lot and the islanders should expect nothing but the best,” he viewed.

Kalimbe pointed out that, “We plan to re-launch the album in the major cities of the country starting with the South, Central as well as the North during the month of September.”

He added that a number of shows have been lined up this year in order to reach out to everyone, especially those living in rural areas with the Word of God through music.

While not certain on supporting artists as the choir had not decided yet, the director said they had already started selling the CD and will not wait for the launch.

Likoma District Council Spokesperson, Patrick Botha said the atmosphere at the island is euphoric considering that Likoma is the hub of the Anglican Church in Malawi with more than 75 per cent of the island population belonging to the church.

“Ndirande Anglican Voices are a big outfit in the gospel music circles. So everybody would like to meet the faces behind those golden voices. And not many artists prefer visiting the island district due to travel logistics,” he stated.

Recorded by Steven Meleka at both M. Studios and Umi Wangu Studios, Namondwe Tonthola a rhumba title track basically talks of how great God’s power is and that there is no other power greater than His.

Additionally, it says Gods power is the only thing that can command any storm to stop so that one can cross to the better side of the shore.

Another song in the album, Olenga Dzuwa is a slow jam track that asks the Almighty to bless an individual with the fruits of the Holy Spirit which include, love, patience and forgiveness for them to be God’s true reflection.

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