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Malawi on course in achieving SDG number 2

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A research study has revealed that Malawi is performing well in reducing malnutrition amongst children in the country. The Zero Hunger and Malnutrition Strategic Review-ZHMSR conducted a research recently which shows that Malawi has reduced malnutrition from 47% to 37%.

Malewezi: We need to hold hands in fighting malnutrition Malewezi: We need to hold hands in fighting malnutrition

Speaking at a regional consultations meeting in Blantyre about the research findings, Lead Convener for the research Former Vice President Justin Malewezi said there is need for concerted efforts for Malawi to end hunger in the country.

Malewezi said Malawi is on the right track in ending malnutrition amongst children adding that achieving zero hunger is possible if only Malawians can work together to find ways of eradicating hunger by achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 2 which aims at ending all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030, making sure that all people – especially children – have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round.

“Malawi is on the right path in the area of nutrition the number of children that were screened for stunting has reduced tremendously from 47 percent to 37 percent. The progress is in the right direction; however that is still a large number and therefore recommendations are there to see how this can be accelerated,” explained Malewezi.

One of the participants during the function, T/A Chikumbu said chiefs have an important role to play if Malawi is to end hunger and achieve food security as they are the ones who have authority over their respective subject.

The Chief added that communities are willing to take up best feeding habits and require expert nutritionists who can direct them on what to eat and how often one can eat in order to reduce stunting cases among children.

“We once had community development officers from Magomera. We want them to come back and assist us on how we can prepare a balanced diet meal with all the nutritional values in it. As a community, we cannot do this on our own,” explained T/A Chikumbu.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) were developed in 2015 as a component of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. The SDGs were also developed to replace the Millennium Development Goals.

Following this, Malawi government formed the zero hunger and malnutrition strategic review to identify the key challenges that the country faces in achieving the Second Sustainable Development Goal to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition.

Multi-stakeholder advisory board was established to identify a set of priorities that will enable the country to eliminate hunger and malnutrition by 2030.

The Malawi Zero Hunger and Malnutrition strategic review will be conducted in 2018, with a final set of recommendations to be published by the advisory board in the first quarter of 2019.

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