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Black Missionaries band promises breathtaking show at Blantyre Arts Festival

Written by  Joel Chiheni Phiri

The country's indisputable reggae kings the Black Missionaries have promised revellers a top performance on Sunday the 7 October at the Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) which kicks off today.


“Ma Blacks” front man Anjiru Fumulani said on Friday that they have been rehearsing the whole week in readiness for the performances on Sunday.

"Black Missionaries as a band takes pride in the Blantyre Arts Festival as it happens within our city. We have therefore been undergoing rigorous preparations in order to perform to the great expectations of our fans who will turn up for the show,” he said.

Anjiru also said there are lots of goodies that come along with BAF and urged people to patronise the show.

"Blantyre Arts Festival (BAF) brings a lot of musicians, dramatists and even poets together. This is where one can watch performances by many artists under one roof and it's a must never miss show. Let people come out in their large numbers and patronise the BAF,” said Anjiru.

Organisers of the show say they will use the event to celebrate ties between Blantyre and Germany Hannover as the two cities commemorate 50th anniversary of their working relationship.

The festival begins today 5th October and ends of Sunday 7 October. It will be staged at Blantyre Cultural Centre formerly French Culture centre.

Some of the artists expected to perform include Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Kasama Arts from Zambia Waliko Makhala, Agoroso, Klerks Theatre from Germany and Migrants Arts Theatre.

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