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Food sellers around trade fair grounds have described the presidential candidate nomination paper presentation week as a milestone.


NICO Holdings Limited says the coming in of Icon Properties on Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) attests to the vision the group has on developing a firm that will

become a market leader in property development and management in the country and beyond.


In its continued commitment towards assisting government in the provision of quality health services in the country, TNM Mpamba has rescued Emsizini Health Centre in Mzimba by installing a solar power system and a donation of medical equipment worth more than MK13 million to ease power challenges at the facility.


Financial inclusion: unlocking economic empowerment

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18 year old Blessings Nyoni decided to beat all odds by joining a savings group that was dominated by middle aged and elderly women, defying the cultural norms of association that usually haunt many communities in Malawi.

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