Cosoma awards MBC for royalties’ compliance

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Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma)-during its 25th anniversary gala on Friday in Lilongwe- gave the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) what it called Compliance Awards, in recognition of the role the public broadcaster plays in promoting local music.

The Award The Award

According to Cosoma Executive Director Dorah Makwinja, the ward was in recognition to MBC’s zero-royalty-default rate for the past 25 years.

“We have had a mutual working relationship with Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and looking at the 25 years that Cosoma has been in existence we thought it wise to award the institution,” said Makwinja.

Makwinja further added that MBC’s consistency in paying for the use of musical works was worthy emulating by other broadcasters, saying that was the only sure way to promote local talent.

“Once radio stations pay that money, it goes straight to the artists like musicians, so it encourages them to create more. We would want to call upon those that don’t pay the royalties to start considering the important of paying,” said Makwinja.

Commenting on the development, MBC Public Relations Manager Chembezi Mhone said the broadcaster felt honoured for the award from Cosoma.

According to Mhone, the award was well deserved as MBC has never relented in timely remittance of royalties to Cosoma.

“As MBC we will continue to remit the royalties and then we are also looking at the local music industry as we are all aware that on Fridays its all-local music on all MBC channels, which means we have more music being played on MBC- which again means more remittance of royalties to Cosoma. As MBC we are playing a very crucial role in promoting local talent,” said Mhone.

The award has come barely a week after MBC announced that it will be playing only local music on all its three platforms of MBC TV, Radios One and Two.

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