DRC’s mixed race children in search of ‘Runaway Fathers’

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

An organisation for mixed race children in Democratic Republic of Congo (AMESCO) has called on the Congolese Government to trace what it calls ‘Runaway Fathers’ in overseas countries. 

Ferdinand Lokunda Da Silva, President, AMESCO Ferdinand Lokunda Da Silva, President, AMESCO

The organisation says it will not relent its quest to trace all foreign men who fathered children with Congolese women but runaway from their responsibilities. According to the grouping’s President, Ferdinand Lokunda Da Silva, one of the resolutions that have come tops from their monthly meetings is that the ‘Absent Fathers’ should be traced wherever they are and shoulder the burden they have left with Congolese women.

Speaking to France 24, Da Silva said, “The Congolese Government must work with us so that we find the men who committed these crimes, because abandoning children is a serious crime no matter where you are from. If the government cooperates I believe in future people will think twice before abandoning children.”

The Congolese Government has as also thrown its weight behind the initiative. Government Spokesperson, Lambert Mende, said it is illegal in DRC for men not to acknowledge their children.

“These foreigners who have children with Congolese women must take responsibility for their acts otherwise they can be sued wherever they live so that they fix problems they caused by abandoning a child with a mother who is often poor to provide for the child,” charged Lipembe.

Western embassies have hailed the initiative but said it is difficult to fix the problem which dates back to Congo’s colonial era. Meanwhile Congolese children with mixed heritage continue struggling in Congo.

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