Malawi Law Society condemns human rights violations, calls for sustained professionalism

Written by  MBC Online

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) on Wednesday condemned human rights violations and called for suatined professionalism in view of recent attacks on human rights activists, the stoning to death of a policeman and alleged abuses by police.

Malawi Police have been overwhelmed with demos organised by HRDC. Malawi Police have been overwhelmed with demos organised by HRDC.

In a long document dated October 20 and signed by Burton Chigo Mhango, president of MLS and Secretary Martha Etta Kaukonde, the institution which represents llegal practitioners in the country said:

.MLS strongly condemns any form of violence and all forms of violations of other human rights by whosoever involved. MLS unreservedly condemns the reported attacks on the person or property of Mr Timothy Mtambo, Mr Billy Mayaya, Mr Moses Kunkuyu, McDonald Sembereka or any other person attacked in the aftermath of 21 May polls.


.We condemn the reported arson over the MCP Regional offices in Blantyre, DPP Offices in Mzuzu and Ntchisi or such similar attacks on persons perceived to be different political leanings from the attackers.

. We condemn the violence and the killing of Superintendent Imedi at Msundwe and the reported invasion of private homes and alleged harassment of women and suspects at Msundwe, Mbwatalika and Mpingu and the reported attacks on military personnel in Karonga as well as the reported violent treatment of citizens by military personnel in Karonga and Mangochi.

.We therefore call upon the Malawi Police and the Human Rights Commission as constitutional bodies endowed with such responsibility to thoroughly investigate and publicly report on each and every reported violation of human rights in the aftermath of the presidential election results announcement.


.We further call upon the Malawi Police and the Defence Force of Malawi to responsibly and professionally ensure protection of public safety, protection of the rights of all persons and preservation of the constitutional order in the Republic.


Human Rights Defenders Coalition have spearheaded  and violent demos seeking the resignation of MEC Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah, whom they accuse of mismanaging the electoral results and declaring President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika winner.

The MCP  and UTM parties, who have joined the violent demos, have petitioned the constituional court to have the presidential results declared null and void.

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