Google has a new Logo

Written by  Sam Phiri

Did you get on your computer today? To be precise on internet? Wednesday 2nd September 2015when I got to my office in Blantyre Malawi I was surprised when I opened my browser when it gave me a completely new look of Google logo, with a new font.


Google has unveiled its biggest update in 16 years with the introduction of a new dynamic, animated logo which will react to users written and verbal search requests.

The new look ditches the old serif typeface which Google has used since 1999 in favour of its own sans-serif creation. The changes will see the letters of “Google” transform into a series of four colored dots that morph life depending on the kind of search that is being made.

When a search is initiated, the Google typeface will give way to the four coloured dots which will undulate like water. The increasing popularity of voice searches has been accounted for as well; now when an audible search is being made the four dots will change into an equalizer which reacts to the tone and pitch of vocals.

A lot of internet lovers from Malawi have commented on the development with others giving kudos to the change while others thinks otherwise.

“Not every change is a positive change.. I will give you an example of a logo that has been there for over a century and still looks good, Coca Cola. Small refinements are welcome but this is the biggest change to the Google logo yet and I dont like it.” Patrick Kalamula said.

While as another internet user Joe Kumwenda wrote “It's basic font but its looking ok and internet users will soon get used to it.”


When the search is being processed, the four dots re-emerge and spin until they transform into the Google lettering again when the search results appear.
The overhaul is a significant change for Google which has only previously made small tweaks to letter spacing and removed the drop shadow but other than that it has remained the same since its incarnation.

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