Red Lions face heavy penalties

Written by  Patrick Lunda

Red Lions and players face heavy fines and penalties following Super League of Malawi (SULOM) disciplinary committee found them guilty of misconduct during a game against Surestream on Sunday.

Red Lions players face tough punishment Red Lions players face tough punishment

Surestream twice came from behind to force a two-all draw to earn their first point in the top league.

It all started with Red Lions players who manhandled referee Boniface Chipinga after the game in protest over the decision to disallow three goals while awarding the Super League rookies two penalties.

SULOM has found Red Lions of misconduct after their game against Surestream FC on Sunday at Kamuzu Stadium ended in violence.

In a verdict dated 10 May, signed by Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda, Sulom said Red Lions and players were guilty breached the rules and regulations of not only the association but also the world football governing body Fifa disciplinary code of conduct.

The following three charges meted out; Red Lions F.C failed to control the actions of its players, officials and supporters who assaulted the officiating personnel and the general public as stipulated in Article 21.3 Rules and Regulations of the TNM Super League.

Players behaved in a manner which brought SULOM and its sponsor TNM in disrepute as stipulated in Article 13.1.6 of the SULOM constitution.

The fracas made by its players’ breached peace of the general public thereby contravening Article 13.2.2 of SULOM Constitution as read with Article 21.19 of SULOM rules and regulations In the same game the following Red Lions FC players were in breach of the Rules and Regulations of SULOM (Article 21.6) and the FIFA Disciplinary Code (Article 49.1.b) by assaulting the match officials in particular the referee Boniface Chapinga.

Red Lions players, Dickson Mbetewa Jnr, Lot Chawinga, Boniface Kaulesi, William Chiumya, Mathews Simbeye, George Haule, Thomas Makaombwa, Sunganani Msiska and Red Lions team doctor Gibson Langwe, who was also involved in assaulting the officiating personnel, has not been spared have also been found guilty.

SULOM has given Red Lions 48 hours to respond as the Super League governing body is yet to yet to come up with  penalties for the offences meted out after hell broke loose which saw Malawi Defence Force soldiers beating up football fans.

But the club face heavy fines while the players risk suspension.

“SULOM would like to remind clubs, officials players and spectators that we all have responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game by ensuring that the laws of the game are adhered to, always respect the match official’s decisions,promote fair play and never engage in offensive, insulting assaulting match officials, opponents and opposing supporters,” sums up the verdict.

One of the fans, who was brutally beaten Geoffrey Mwale, is recovering from Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre after losing consciousness.

The son to senior Police officer, was rushed to the hospital by Surestream Technical Director Peter Mponda’s vehicle and has just regained consciousness.

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