Traders hail government for newly constructed Monkey Bay Market

Written by  Joel Chiheni Phiri

Traders and buyers in Monkey Bay, Mangochi have applauded government for the construction of a new spacious market in the area.

The new MonkeyBay market The new MonkeyBay market

Most vendors who used to ply their trade along the road due to lack of space in the old market say, with the spacious new market most of them have now managed to secure space.

"We hail government and its development partners for constructing this new and modern market. Now we can do our business without any hassles of fighting for space," said Brian Phiri who sells fish in the market.

Another trader involved in selling agricultural produce Isaac Khondowe said the new market has helped reduce the number of vendors who were trading in undesignated places.

"Due to lack of space in the old market most of us used to trade in undesignated places even along the road which was dangerous. But this market has enabled us find space and do our business with a peace of mind without thinking about the rains or sun in the open as it were before this market," said Khondowe.

Even buyers say the market is a dawn of a new era. Luntha Chalira a resident of Monkey Bay said with the new market, most vendors who were just scattered due to lack of space are now found in designated places as the new market has places specific for a particular business.

"The demarcations are well defined that if you want to buy fresh fish you just go to the fish shed and you find what you want easily. This is great development," said Chalira.

Counsellor for the area Chinkwita Bulirani said in an interview, vendors have been asked to start trading in the new market as it awaits official opening.

"The market has not yet been officially opened but still it has been opened for business so that during the official opening day traders would have already been trading in there," said Bulirani.

Government has constructed the new market as part of rural growth centre initiative. Only the stadium remains with few works to be completed.


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