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Lilongwe – Santhe – Kasiya road nears completion

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People in Lilongwe and Kasungu districts will now alleviate their transport challenges as the 39.6 Billion Kwacha Lilongwe – Santhe – Kasiya road nears completion.

Mhango: The road  has progressed very well Mhango: The road has progressed very well

Speaking after inspecting progress of the road, Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango says the road is a testimony of President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’s commitment to distribute development projects in all the regions of the country.

Mhango said the progress of the road and workmanship is impressive adding that despite other administrations ignoring the road, Professor Mutharika’s administration has made sure that people from these areas are connected.

“The progress is pleasing and the project will be delivered very soon and this is a fulfillment of the promise that the President made. This road will save people time and money when it comes to travel efficiency,” explained Mhango.

The Minister said the road will also help business people and farmers connect in terms of transportation of farm produce to markets.

“Tobacco farmers will find their way to the market and in the past, this was a hustle but the coming in of the road will ensure that farmers transport their produce in time and with minimal challenges on the road,” explained Mhango.

Professor Mutharika assured Malawians that the Democratic Progressive Party led government will ensure that developmental activities and road networks are spread evenly among people in the country.

The Lilongwe – Santhe – Kasiya road is one of the developments that President Mutharika promised people in the Central region back in 2014 as the only way to end the transportation woes that they have been facing.

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