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President Mutharika appeals for promotion and protection of human rights

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His Excellency the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has spoken of the need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders towards the promotion and protection of human rights.

Professor Mutharika: Exercise human rights with responsibility Professor Mutharika: Exercise human rights with responsibility

The call by President Professor Mutharika comes as Malawi joins various countries across the world in commemorating the Human Rights Day.

The day is observed on December 10 every year. As part of this year's commemoration, under the theme: Stand up for Human Rights, President Professor Mutharika is reminding all persons that human rights is central to the consolidation of democratic governance.

According to the Presidential press office, the Malawi leader has stressed on the need for all people to exercise their human rights with a high sense of responsibility.

The Malawi leader says there is no justification for violating other people's rights in the name of one's rights. As part of commemorating the Day, Professor Mutharika is also calling for collective accountability among various stakeholders.

Professor Mutharika says both the private sector and other non-state actors have the moral and legal responsibility to demonstrate accountability to all people in the country.

In this vein, President Professor Mutharika has reaffirmed to continue championing the right to development in a number of areas, including safeguarding the civic space.

The Malawi leader has since emphasized of the need for all to stand up for human rights through hard work, patriotism and integrity.

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