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Standard Bank offers free Internet access to banking

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Standard bank has partnered with TNM to offer unlimited access to its digital platform through free banking services without data payment to its customers when accessing its digital banking services.


Announcing the offer, Standard Bank Head of Personal Markets Charity Mughogho said the free Internet access to banking gives customers unlimited power to access all the bank’s digital platforms at the touch of a button without the need for airtime or data bundles for internet.

“With this free Internet access, Standard Bank is re-writing the rules of access to mobile banking by offering free internet attached to digital banking platform services to make digital transaction more accessible, flexible and cheaper to the customers. As we are progressing in digitalizing, the Bank is happy to introduce solution to enable our customers to use all internet based digital channels for free,” Mughogho said.

Mughogho said with this new offering, customers will be enjoying free access to the bank’s digital banking platforms from their mobile without the use of data bundles and airtime.

“Our customers will now access internet banking platforms 247 App, 247 online, Business online and Enterprise online without any restrictions on data bundles or airtime and we believe this will ease and drive usage of digital channels which provide convenience to the customers” she said.

Speaking at the same event, TNM’s Chief Enterprise Services Officer Vishvajeet Deshmukh said that TNM PLC is pleased to be part of this innovation that enables business to offer world-class solutions to their customers.

Said Deshmukh, “TNM has the capability to offer this reverse billing solution where businesses can offer free access to the business internet based solutions to their customers. What this means is that the customer enjoys free internet access when accessing Standard Bank Internet Banking services when they use TNM. This way we are removing the connectivity barriers to those who want to use the internet and achieve greater productivity.”

Currently the free access banking service is applicable on TNM Prepaid customers onl.y

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