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16 days of activism launched; women urged to report abuse

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Women and girls in the country have been urged to speak out and report on all various forms of gender based violence that they meet in their various work places and schools.


Speaking during the launch of 16 days of activism against gender based violence in Blantyre, Minister of Gender Cecelia Chazama said women and girls should utilize the available platforms to end this vice.

Chazama further appealed that all forms of abuse should be eliminated and women and girls be given a conducive environment for them to thrive.

“Young women face different occurrence of gender based violence and the silence has been so overwhelming and we want girls to come in the open to give women a platform. People in managerial positions should be in the forefront in treating and giving respect to victims of gender based violence,” explained Chazama.

Chazama implored people in decision making positions to safeguard rights of their employees especially women who face emotional, physical and sexual abuse in their work places.

Chazama said the fight against gender based violence can only be achieved if women and girls are given the right platform and assurance to address their grievances.

“These victims are everyway. We have various platforms where we are doing awareness campaigns. We will be all over talking about the dangers of this vice. We want to create an environment where one can be able to report gender based violence in private,” said Chazama.

During the same function, Action Aid Malawi in conjunction with UN Women and the Ministry of Gender launched a campaign called “I will not be silent” whose aim is to mobilize and encourage women and girls not to suffer in silence whenever they meet various forms of abuse at work and school.

Action Aid Malawi Executive Director Grace Malera said people that are usually oppressed find it difficult to come out and speak out against their perpetrators therefore the campaign will help authorities come out with effective response.

“This campaign will be used to speak out and mobilize voices of people that are oppressed. We want to make sure that there is effective response mechanism and make them acceptable and accessible,” said Malera.

Luther Mambala who is President for Malawi Congress of Trade Union said the speak out campaign puts workers especially women at an advantage where they can express their grievances and hold their superiors accountable.

“Women are facing abuse in workplaces and this is one of the greatest challenges and hindrances to economic development. We want bosses to know that we will not sit around and watch women physically and sexually abused. As a union, we stand against gender based violence,” said Mambala.

This year’s event of 16 days of activism against gender based violence was launched with a call to all stakeholders to eliminate all forms of abuse that women face in workplaces and places where they access tertiary education.

The 16 days of activism against gender based violence was launched by the United Nations and Malawi launched the campaign under the theme: Ending gender based violence in work and tertiary places.

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