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Neno Child Parliament talks tough on children issues

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Lack of child friendly services in health facilities, decreasing number of female teachers in primary schools as well as lack of potable and safe water are said to be some of the major problems that children encounter that hinder their future.

The session in progress The session in progress

Speaking during the third session of Neno Child Parliament meeting from 30th to 31st August 2-18 in Neno District, Speaker of the House, Triphonia Kaduya bemoaned lack of female teachers in schools of the districts and highlighted the importance of female teachers who act as role models in various primary schools.

Kaduya said girl children meet a lot of abuse in their respective schools and the absence of female teachers as advisers and counselors worsen the situation as they have no one to talk to.

"These female teachers act as role models and at the same time as mothers. Sometimes the girl child can face abuse at school or home but do not know who to talk to. It has been proven that schools that have female teachers do not register high drop outs. We are therefore asking relevant authorities to take keen interest in the issues that we have raised,” explained Kaduya.

While debating on a motion on inadequate school blocks, teachers house and well trained teachers, it was brought to the attention of the House that some schools completely have no school blocks and teachers reside outside campus making them show up for classes late while some campuses have houses that are in dilapidated state.

Kaduya further said that it was brought to her attention by Members of the House that some schools are suspended during the rainy season due to lack of school blocks which results in few lessons covered and poor performance during national examinations.

“For example, Standard 8 learners perform poorly as they write some topics that were not covered during the time they were missing classes due to the rainy weather,” said the Speaker of Neno Child Parliament.

On this issue, the sitting resolved that government should build enough school blocks and deploy well trained teachers in all primary schools and renovate all dilapidated houses as one way of motivating the teachers.

The 3rd Session and first meeting for Neno Child Parliament was held under the theme: Children’s Parliament: The Platform for Amplifying Children’s Voice.

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