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Police nab 68 suspects ‘strongly connected’ to looting, injuring of police officers

Written by  MBC Online

Up to 68 looters involved in a spate of violent protests from several districts have been nabbed and will answer various charges soon in court as individuals, Malawi Police Service (MPS) said on Sunday.

Police on high alert. Police on high alert.

“So far we have arrested 68 suspects strongly connected to the looting and injuring of police officers,” James Kadadzera, chief Police publicist, said in the latest update of security in Malawi.


The suspects arrested were from Kamphata (16) in Lilongwe, Lilongwe Old town (8), Lilongwe city centre (15), Mzuzu (18) and 11 in Rumphi.


Kadadzera said in Mzuzu 55 of the 231 bicycles  stolen from the ADD offices have been recovered. Four computer monitors have also been recovered .


“The Malawi Police Service wishes to assure Malawians of their total safety and security when there are continued incidences of violence and looting in some parts of the country,” the Chief publicist said.


He said the current situation was “relatively calm and being closely monitored by law enforcement agencies."


MPS strongly condemn the criminal acts and looting that resurfaced during the demos in Lilongwe, Zomba, Blantyre, Mzuzu, Rumphi and Karonga last week, with some shops in Lilongwe smashed, roads blocked and in some isolated cases, rioters harassed innocent bystanders and peleted stones on vehicles and buildings.


“The law enforcers are vigilant and alert in making sure that everything is under control, day and night. We have put in place strategies and modalities so that citizens can normally access services at hospitals, schools, shops and markets,” Kadadzera said.


MPS are calling upon every Malawian to “say not to violence, looting and theft in disquise of demonstrations. The Police assures Malawians that their safety and security is guaranteed.”

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