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MaLamulo Akutinji  ( What does the law say) - 14:30 (Radio 1)

Malamulo Akutinji is one of the programmes produced at Development Broadcasting Unit – DBU. It is a magazine programme that explores issues relating to the laws of Malawi. The programme strives to provide information and interpretation of the Constitution and Acts of Parliament.

The Malamulo Akutinji programme first went on air in 2010 and remains the longest running magazine programme on MBC Radio 1 that provides tutelage on the laws of Malawi through the involvement of law experts from government institutions, the private institution, non-governmental organizations and law experts from other organizations.

The programme is of 15 minute duration and is aired every Thursday from 14:30hrs.




Tigwirane Manja 


Tigwirane Manja is one of the programmes produced at the Development Broadcasting Unit (DBU).  It is broadcast every Saturday from 15:30hrs on MBC Radio 1.  The program was pioneered by Lawrence Mtimaunenji in 2005. Like most of DBU’s programmes, the content for the Tigwirane Manja programme is recorded by Radio Listening Clubs (barefoot journalists) but production remains the work of the producer at DBU.


At its inception, the objective of the program was to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls of child bearing age. This was the case because at that time statistics had shown that the many women and girls were HIV positive as compared to men and boys. In addition evidence had shown that women and girls lacked negotiating skills to protect themselves from getting HIV.


Women are vulnerable to the scourge of HIV and AIDS because of the physiological and social status. Therefore in order to fight against the spread of HIV among women and girls in the Tigwirane Manja programme, the content of the programme focuses on advocating for changing harmful cultural practices, promoting accesses to PMTCT, HTC, VMMC, ART and uptake of both male and female condoms.


The programme targets women, the youth, men and service providers. 



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