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Malaria cases drops in Chigalu Village

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There has been a decrease in cases of malaria in Chigalu Village in Blantyre, with the intervention of the Light House Foundation.


The organization has been distributing insecticide treated like mosquito nets, spraying insecticides and civic educating people on malaria issues.

The news coincided with commemorations marking the World Malaria Day which falls on 25th April each year.


Like other villages, Chigalu in Mdeka Blantyre has been grappling with unending episodes of Malaria.   The village lies in the lowlands closer to the Shire River and is highly infested with Mosquitoes. In September 2010, Lighthouse Foundation initiated a project to reverse cases of Malaria and enhance health care in the village and surrounding areas.  


Six years on, the story is different, malaria cases have dropped by 98%, that’s according to latest information by Lighthouse Foundation.   Among other interventions, the Foundation, with funding from the Korean International Cooperation Agency, has trained monitoring agents who distribute medicine, mosquito nets, spraying insecticides and civic educating people on Malaria issues. 


“There is a great change from the time we started this project am so glad Malaria cases have reduced.” said Woo young Lee, the project manager.


The development is good news for Chief Kapheramchama who noted that the project has helped to save lives of many, particularly children who would have otherwise died of Malaria.

In Malawi, malaria continues to be the number one cause of morbidity and mortality. According to the Ministry of Health, there are an estimated 6 million cases each year representing about 40% of the burden of illness in our health facilities.


The 98% decrease in malaria cases in Chigalu Village is proof that with the right interventions in place, the battle against malaria is winnable.  


According to the latest global statistics, Malaria cases have fallen by 18% since 2000; and that in Africa where the burden of malaria is greatest, the mortality rate has fallen by two-thirds. But in his statement marking World Malaria Day on 25th April, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said sadly, the world was still far from eliminating malaria.  


Mr Ban called for greater investment in fighting malaria and realizing the 2030 goals which seek to reduce malaria cases and mortality by at least 90&; and eliminating malaria in at least 35 countries.

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