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The arrival of kuimba 10 from Ma Blacks

Written by  Sam Phiri

The wait is over! The bakers of the much awaited Kuimba 10 seem to be ready with their cake!

Black missionaries Black missionaries


Malawi`s leading reggae outfit the Black missionaries have announced that they are ready with their new album which will be out in July 2015.

According to the band’s lead vocalist Anjiru Fumulani, the new album which carries good messages of love and hope will be one of the best ever Kuimba productions.

"We had to take time in releasing the new album because we needed to prepare well to dish out the best production to Malawians,” said Fumulani.


The Chileka based group however promised that two songs from their new album will soon be released and hit the airwaves on May 18th.


“We took time because we had to prepare well but I am assuring our fans that they should expect good stuff in Kuimba 10,” said Fumulani.
However Fumulani said Malawians will be the best judges once they listen to some of the songs in the new album.

“Lets us just wait for May 18th for Malawians to judge but I can assure people that the album carries a good message,” he said.

Some of the songs Malawians should expect to sample outcome 18th May include Mwankana and Sindingakwanitse.


According to Fumulani, Sindingakwanitse, is a love song that talks about a person who is deeply in love and tells a partner that he can’t live without the partner while as Mwankana is a gospel tune telling people that all the problems in the world are because people have rejected Jesus Christ.

Anjiru however thanked Malawians for the tireless support they have offered to the band since the demise of the group`s founder late Evison Matafale.

“We are who we are today because of our fans and so let me take this chance to ask them to continue supporting us and in return and we will make sure that we always give out the best,” said Fumulani.

He said the album will in July be launched in Blantyre before touring Lilongwe and finally Mzuzu in September 2015.

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