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Barry-one goes gospel

Written by  Sam Phiri

The exodus of secular urban artist to gospel seem to be in fashion with the latest being Barry-one who has announced his "calling".

Barry-one has decided to 'follow the Lord' Barry-one has decided to 'follow the Lord'

The rapper joins Armstrong now Onesmus, kumbu, Physics and Chiyamana just to mention a few of them.


Announcing his turning point to MBC online, the hip hop maestro said life experiences have made him to accept the calling.


“It’s simply a calling from above nothing more. I have decided to follow the Lord following circumstances that our lives put us into,” he said.

Barry-one born Barry mkorongo started singing with the group ‘Basement’ which had ‘Abambo AB’ and ‘Cyclone’ and made a name with their hits ‘Doller yanga,Banyamulenge’ and ‘Kadona kanga’.


However, the artist could not confirm nor deny if his turning is only in music or going as far as full time ministering the word of God.


“As for now I cannot say anything because the Lord has a script for me and am simply following what has been written,’ said Barry-one in relation to the case of one Onesimus who is now into fulltime ministering with Prophet Bushiri.


Barry-one did not however disclose when his first gospel album will be out.


The husky voiced rapper who is well known for songs like Kadona Kanga has recently proved to be a force to reckon in the urban industry by the numerous high caliber artists who have involved him in various ways on their projects.

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