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A Lily Forgotten Love Song

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One of the country’s eccentric female singers Lily (formerly known as Alex) serves us with an appetizer to her up-coming sophomore effort.


Real name Lily Banda, the unorthodox artist has recorded Forgotten Love Song which is the first single to her new EP aptly titled Odd Hours scheduled for an end of May release.


The song follows hot on the heels of Manja Mmwamba, a song the songstress says was released just to give her fans a taste of what to expect on her latest project, which she dubbed “absolutely fabulous.”


“Last year I released a single Manja Mmwamba and that was just to keep everybody entertained while they wait for my up-coming EP due for release at the end of this Month (May),”she said.


“The first single Forgotten Love Song is basically a tale of my journey from when I first became aware of myself as a human being, precisely as a spiritual being.


“It’s also a biography of where I’ve come from and where am at right now in my life and obviously where I want to be in future.”



Quizzed as to what was the inspiration behind the song, Lily said: “I was sitting at home and thinking about how a lot of people just know me as Lily the singer or public speaker yet not a lot of them actually know who I really am.


“Then I began thinking about my future and the legacy I’ll leave behind when I die. I asked myself if I do happen to have a child in future, what will people say to my child? Everybody will claim they knew me.


“Everybody who’s watching me from afar will claim that they have all these details about my life, so I decided to write this song to say that this is me, my legacy, three minutes of everything I’ve learnt in life.


“Hopefully I’ll learn some more other things but for now this is where am at and that’s how the inspiration of the song came about.

“It came from me thinking what kind of legacy will I have and if my child is around in future, what kind of advice will I give them on how to live their life?



The Lilongwe-based artist said the new song has so far received positive reviews from the people who follow her music.


“I am really humbled by people’s response to this song. They’ve just taken to say oh man this is not for your child only, this future unborn child of yours is for everybody,” Lily said.


“Everybody’s just taken the song and they’ve just run with it, they love it and am so humbled by the amazing response that has been given to this song, Forgotten Love Song.”


Below is the link to the Forgotten Love Song music video

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